As a business, we have a duty. And it is more important than ever. With a huge responsibility, we work to ensure that our actions leave the smallest carbon footprint on the planet. We only produce what is going to be used, so our pieces are very limited. As much as possible, we use what has already been created and each detail or material is chosen consciously. Our entire production process is handmade and takes place in a small workshop near Barcelona. Fair working conditions, a safe working environment, a legally binding employment relationship and fair wages for the people who handcraft our clothing are essential prerequisites for us in times of fast fashion and overconsumption. Most of our fabrics are organic or recycled and with them we save up to 97% of water. In addition, you will receive your order in a biodegradable and plastic-free package made of recycled and recyclable cardboard. For our planet, for all of us and for those to come.

CRAM Foundation

The ocean needs us now. And we could not survive without all the amazing things it does for us. Oceans regulate our climate and provide vital renewable energy. The benefits of green space have long been recognised in improving mood, physical and mental health. But what about blue space? For these and many other reasons, we are a new partner of the CRAM Foundation. Together for the conservation of marine ecosystems.