As a business, we have a duty. And it is more important than ever. With a huge responsibility, we work to ensure that we leave the smallest carbon footprint. Leneim was born with a clear commitment to creating a project to preserve the planet through conscious fashion consumption, where ethical values come first. We choose quality over quantity. Our pieces are very limited. We are not a brand that launches collections, we create garments made to last where design and responsibility go hand in hand.


At Leneim we only work with the highest quality materials. We choose organic, deadstock or recycled fabrics. Certified organic cotton, for example, needs up to 97% less water compared to conventional cotton. And no insecticides, pesticides or chemical fertilisers are used to grow it. Our suppliers are local and it is essential that they match our values so as not to damage the ecosystem. We work carefully to find the most suitable materials and to avoid waste. We follow a path towards conscious circularity, creating garments that respect the environment and animals, and of course, your skin. You will receive your order in a plastic-free package made of recycled and recyclable cardboard.


We only support ethical practices among producers. We work with a small workshop near Barcelona created and formed entirely by women. We are only 10 km apart, which facilitates communication, cooperation and logistics. It also allows us to generate less CO2 emissions, so we are proud of that. We will always be committed to the creation of quality employment that promote local economies, creating lasting relationships based on respect, valuing effort, knowledge and deadlines. We only understand this way of working to create garments that are as honest and fair as possible in times of fast fashion. We produce on a limited and sustainable basis, which means that we do not overstock and avoid overproduction. We also avoid aggressive and harmful processes to maintain the natural appearance of our fabrics.


The ocean needs us now. And we could not survive without all the amazing things it does for us. Oceans regulate our climate and provide vital renewable energy. The benefits of green space have long been recognised in improving mood, physical and mental health. But what about blue space? For these and many other reasons, we are a new partner of the CRAM Foundation. Together for the conservation of marine ecosystems.