Leneim is for a common purpose.

We believe that sustainability begins when you embrace minimalism and live more with less. Our aim is to bring conscious habits through a timeless concept that transcends the seasons.
Keep and re-style our pieces wherever and whenever for a long time. Stay away from impulse buying that harms our planet and your wallet. Garments with values are made to find the future in the uncomplicated.
TIMELESS. Minimalist wardrobe not affected by seasons or trends. Our creative process focuses on developing genderless designs based on functionality and sustainability. We don't need hyper-sophisticated garments to be stylish. We make it simple, versatile and oversized, made to last. Less is more.
LOCAL. All the ideation, creation and production of our pieces is 100% made locally near Barcelona and we are very proud of it. A workshop of just five seamstresses craft our limited edition garments practically by hand and following a small-scale production line.
CONSCIOUS SOLUTIONS. We use organic cotton, recycled or deadstock fabrics to give them a second life. We choose a slow approach, limited and conscious production. We don't use extra packaging and prefer the alternative of biodegradable waste. Always envisioning the future with the planet in mind.